Which Cabinet Colors Are In?


(Listing Down The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors)

Every year, color trends are consistently shifting and that affects even pieces in our home interior. One great example is our kitchen’s highlight which is kitchen cabinets. The season's hottest colors have arrived, but keep in mind that trends alone might not be enough to direct your cabinet selection process. Other considerations to think about include longevity, room size, pattern interest, and, most importantly, your personal preferences. 

If you’re planning for a kitchen remodel, don’t forget about the cabinets. Allow this guide to serve as inspiration if you want to paint or replace them. You can take advantage of this year’s trends while still achieving an everlasting look that you’ll enjoy not just now, but for years to come if you follow the advice in the list below.

Sage Green
In both old and new kitchens, sage green and gray have found a home. Sage Green is a light, subdued green with gray undertones that works well as a modern neutral. It pairs well with the raw woods and rich metals we’ve been admiring for a modern organic vibe. If you want to make it crisper? Sage with a touch of yellow is a good option. Are you drawn to the coast? Blue sage with a hint of sage.

Bluish Green
Green has become one of the most common kitchen colors in recent months, and all indications are that this trend will continue in 2021. The room’s playful feel is enhanced by the bluish-green cabinet paint. With elegant appliances and new fabrics, this lovely color can be a good match.

Mint Green
Mint green might not be at the top of most people’s wish lists for kitchen cabinet paint colors, but it’s a surprisingly good choice for any kitchen, particularly smaller ones. The room looks impossibly new thanks to the pure white walls and countertops, and the unexpected kitchen cabinet paint color is sure to please any visitor.

Navy Blue
The color nautical blue has a lot of sophistication and beauty in it. It comes in two colors: light and dark. Although this color is a little out of the ordinary for a kitchen, it isn’t so out of place that it looks unnatural. Furthermore, the color blue, in general, is calming and inviting to both homeowners and visitors.

White never goes out of style. In 2021, white cabinetry will still be one of the most traditional looks. It’s the perfect subtle shade if you want to give your cabinets a cooler tint without losing the brightness of your room. Earth tones like greens, blues, and deep purples work especially well with this hue.

When it comes to decorating the kitchen, everybody these days prefers gray; it is one of the most common kitchen colors. It’s a very adaptable color since it appears to go with almost every color, including turquoise, tangerine, and lavender. Gray cabinets lead to a classic and sophisticated style. When painted on kitchen cabinets and combined with metallic highlights, blue-gray looks particularly elegant.

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