Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Colors


Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Colors

While certain colors are considered timeless in both the fashion and interior design industries, many of those colors correspond to one another.

White cabinets are among the most classic kitchen designs, adding a bright, clean look to any room. Black kitchens are timeless—although they’re more modern-looking, they’re just as popular as ever. Both colors have other benefits as well: Black cabinets create a space that’s easy to keep clean, because stains blend in with their dark appearance. And white cabinets put a light hearted feel into any room, making it feel airy and refreshing.

Another timeless color is silver, which can make any dirty or dinged-up cabinets look luxurious. If silver isn’t your thing, you can always go with grey. A kitchen outfitted in slate or charcoal grey cabinets looks fancy, yet effortless.

Wood-tone and beige cabinets are also very timeless. If your cabinets are too white they could look like they’re from the 70’s, if they’re too brown they could look like they’re from the 90’s. The best and most fashionable middle ground between beige and wood-tone is mocha. You can never go wrong with mocha in this century.

Mocha kitchen cabinets can look even more inviting when you add candles and light fixtures. The glow of these two elements will give your kitchen a welcoming ambience that exudes romance from every corner.

No one really wants to replace their cabinets every season to keep up with the trends in color. For new cabinet colors and designs, visit Sanels Wholesale Cabinets.

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